Package 1

4 articles, web research only. Target word count 400-600 words.

4 unique articles on the most important topics for your business. You can pick the topics or I can come up with them, based on your marketing goals. I will do my own research for the article. If you have any materials, I will include reviewing them as part of my research.


(3-month retainer discount = $1,800 per month)

Package 2

4 interview articles. Includes 1 one-hour call per article with any expert at your firm. Target word count 700-1,000.

No one knows your industry better than your top people. These articles will build their brand. and leave readers saying “I want to work with him/her!” These articles can be longer to provide more space for your people to explain their ideas.


(3-month retainer discount = $2,700 per month)

Package 3

4 articles per month with digital promotion.

I will create expertly written pieces of content + social media posts. My digital marketing specialist will drive traffic through locally targeted Google Ads, social media ads and SEO.

This will turbocharge traffic to your website and even better, the readers will be directly from your target market.

Starting at $6000

(Price depends on cost of digital ads)


Starter Package

Website Exploration

My SEO specialist and I will go over your existing website to see what’s working and what isn’t. She will identify ways to improve traffic to your landing pages and content. I will find ways to improve your existing content + create a list of future article ideas.


Additional Services

White Papers


Trade Journals




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15 minute introduction call
Samples and price quotes available upon request

Minimum project fee $2,000

Schedule a complimentary
15 minute introduction call

Samples and price quotes available upon request

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